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Join Buy Local Sunshine Coast now to become part of a growing community of local businesses, with access to simple, effective and affordable marketing opportunities that will allow your business to stand out and be found. Supported by a community of passionate local consumers and visitors to the Sunshine Coast region, Buy Local Sunshine Coast connects businesses to an engaged community of loyal supporters and advocates for your business.
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Weโ€™re calling on the Sunshine Coast community to support local businesses by buying from a store with a door or online from a local business. When you buy local, you are directly supporting local families, jobs and helping our local economy to bounce back better from the impacts of Covid-19.
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From its sleepy coastal town days to the thriving tourism hub it is now, one thing has always remained a constant feature of the Sunshine Coast community landscape: local business. They are not only the face of the Sunshine Coast, but its beating, creative and hard-working heart. In 2021, Buy Local Sunshine Coast was born to create stronger connections between local businesses and consumers, and to act as a platform to showcase small business.


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