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Minimalist, Eco Sterling Silver Jewellery


Minimalist, eco sterling silver jewellery - specialising in wedding rings.

What We Do

We don’t just make jewellery, we make memories out of sterling silver.

Keepsakes, treasures – love in material form.

We help make a woman feel effortlessly beautiful and classy.

We help make a man feel proud to wear a symbol of love and dedication on his hand.

We make a gift that your daughter, mother, aunt, sister, best friend, husband, wife, lover, sweetheart… or you (because we all deserve to give ourselves gifts as often as we can) can keep and cherish for a lifetime.

We specialise in crafting sterling silver wedding rings for couples all over the world, and we adore being a small part of their love story!

From our hands to yours, with love. That is a promise.


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Jess Van Den & Nick Bianchi
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Partners in marriage and making, creating Epheriell jewellery since 2008.

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Open 24/7

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