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Concept Labs

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We partner with businesses to produce cosmetic, sun care and cleaning products


Concept Labs is an innovative and sustainable manufacturing facility.. We partner with businesses to produce cosmetic, sun care and cleaning products all while embracing our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our communities and our planet can flourish.

Proudly partnering with established brands and start-ups to get their product market ready, Concept Labs will take a formula, an innovation or even an early-stage concept for a cream, liquid, gel or oil, and will create it, package it, and have it ready to hit the shelves. 

Operating since 1998, Concept Labs has extensive experience and respect within the manufacturing industry. Not only known for our contract work, but also through Barry Jackson Enterprises, we deliver an extensive range of our own high-quality skin care and cleaning products for retail and wholesale markets. 

Concept Labs’ guidance on product development, manufacturing efficiencies and sustainable practices sees our customers able to develop products that are more affordable, viable and with lower environmental impact.  Additionally we have the certifications, equipment and experience to develop high quality vegan, organic and cruelty free products.

We pride ourselves on being fast, accurate and affordable - delivering outstanding customer service and quality products that meet the highest global manufacturing standards. 

When you create with Concept Labs, you can have confidence that your product will be impeccably prepared.


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Naomi Elliott - General Manager
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Naomi Elliott is the driving force behind the recent success of Concept Labs. Her ability to lead differently to others in the manufacturing field has seen the business transform from a small-scale manufacturer to an international supplier. Her core strengths and focuses are customer service, structure and process, environmental sustainability and a positive attitude. Naomi uses her positive mindset to support the team to work to the best of their ability. She demonstrates a can-do attitude and takes inspiration from her studies, global experiences for work and travel, and other successful business models to find solutions for continuous improvement. Naomi’s desire to provide top level customer service means Concept Labs is able to assist companies from start-ups to large corporations. She is passionate about providing real and relevant solutions for her customers, and loves nothing more than seeing their concept come to life.

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