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Body by Motion

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Enjoy the beauty of minimalistic design, earthy shades and the functionality in every detail.


Body by Motion is a new fitness essentials brand designed in Noosa, Queensland.

Our Natural Cork Exercise Equipment are made of natural sustainable materials, which feel luxurious against your skin and are perfect for any workout.

Body by Motion is inspired by nature and caring for environment. Our products are simple, so you can enjoy the minimal design and earthy feel.

We are putting materials that nature has already perfected into use in high quality products with functionality in every detail.

We have a growing product range that started off with our Natural Cork Yoga Mat – the perfect yoga mat for any fitness and yoga lover.

We also have Natural Cork Rollers available – self massage tool with a point of difference and made from solid cork, and natural Cork Yoga Blocks.




Enjoy the beauty of minimalistic design and earthy shades.


Inspired by nature and caring for the environment. Sustainable, biodegradable and plant based materials are used from manufacturing to shipping.


Putting materials, that nature has already perfected, into use in high quality products with functionality in every detail.

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I am Hanna, an Estonian girl living on Sunshine Coast. I am the person behind Body by Motion. I created it, I develop it, I take your orders, pack your orders, send them out or deliver them, reply to you on our socials and so on. I am a personal trainer and simply put, I wanted to own a yoga mat that is perfect for any activity, both outdoors and indoors. When corona hit, I knew the time was right to start working on it. The size, thickness, material choice, packaging... all these details had to be decided upon, in order to create the perfect yoga mat. Soon the Natural Cork Yoga Mat was here and I had begun the journey that is Body by Motion!

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