about buy local sunshine coast.

From its sleepy coastal town days to the thriving tourism hub it is now, one thing has always remained a constant feature of the Sunshine Coast community landscape: local business. They are not only the face of the Sunshine Coast, but its beating, creative and hard-working heart.
Claire Parkinson

our mission and philosophy

helping local businesses.

Life can be hard for local businesses. Despite the enormous number of fantastic Sunshine Coast businesses, Buy Local Sunshine Coast’s creator Claire, could see so many in our community were unaware of or simply didn’t look to a local brand first. The lack of local consciousness amongst the Sunshine Coast community needed to change. In 2021, Buy Local Sunshine Coast was born to create stronger connections between local businesses and consumers and to act as a platform to showcase small business.


our services

what we offer.

Buy Local Sunshine Coast will list and feature local businesses and promote products directly to the neighbourhood.

Consumers can trust they are supporting local and in doing so sustain the livelihood of these local businesses, which in turn provides further opportunities for business to pass these benefits on to the greater community.

support your local community.

The success of local business is essential in order for their support of our sporting clubs, charities and events to continue and further, that success creates employment opportunities for the Sunshine Coast community. When consumers support businesses, business can support the entire community. Register now to become a part of our local business network and start getting recognised by locals who want to give you their business.